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Indulge in the Seafood Paella & master a culinary tradition that dates back over 1300 years

Are you ready for a culinary adventure? Join me, Mamen Belloch, also known as Madama Paella, an esteemed private chef hailing from Valencia, with over 40 years of experience on the vibrant island of Ibiza. Immerse yourself in the art of traditional Valencian cuisine, handed down through generations, as I bring the authentic flavors of seafood paella to your doorstep.

Picture this: a relaxed, family-style gathering where we'll work together to create a mouthwatering paella from scratch. Using only the freshest seafood, we'll embark on a journey to prepare a beautiful fish stock and delve into the intricate details of each ingredient. Along the way, I'll regale you with captivating tales of Valencian rice dishes, a culinary tradition that dates back over 1300 years.

But it's not just about the food. As we gather around the table, we'll bond over laughter, stories, and shared experiences. Feel free to ask me anything, whether it's about the ingredients, other delectable dishes, or seeking insider tips about Ibiza's hidden gems. I'm here to ensure an unforgettable gastronomic encounter.

As the tantalizing aromas fill the air, we'll prepare a fresh salad, whip up a delectable alioli, slice artisanal bread, and set the table. A Valencian aperitif with olives will whet our appetites before the grand moment arrives.

Finally, we'll savor the fruits of our labor, savoring the delightful paella accompanied by a perfectly paired glass of wine or beer. Trust me when I say there isn't a better paella on the island, and now, armed with newfound skills, you too will be able to recreate this culinary masterpiece.

To sweeten the experience, I'll surprise you with a seasonal dessert of your choice, be it the luscious Pudin' de Fruta, refreshing Watermelon, or the invigorating Cafe granizado with ice cream.

Once our feast comes to an end, my assistant and I will take care of the cleanup, leaving your place as pristine as we found it. After all, indulgence should be stress-free.

Duration: 3 hours of gastronomic bliss

Price: 75 euros per person

Maximum Capacity: 8 people

Feel free to inquire about other enticing Valencia rice dishes like Paella de verduras, Arroz al horno, Arroz a la banda, traditional Valencian paella with rabbit and snails, or even the delightful seafood pasta known as Fideua. Alternatively, if you crave a different culinary adventure altogether, simply ask!

Contact Mamen on WhatsApp at +34 699 136 048 to reserve your unforgettable Seafood Paella Masterclass. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other!

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