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"We’ll teach you how to enjoy cooking through a series of masterclasses led by Boris Buono

IBIZA FOOD STUDIO Cooking classes

Cooking classes

We’ll teach you how to enjoy cooking more. Through a series of masterclasses led by Boris Buono, we expand on the basics and delve into the tricks and technics learned from a lifetime in the kitchen. From menu design to knowing how to shop well, we cover the spectrum of planning, preparation, and execution.

Discover below some inspiration from previous themed Masterclasses.

IBIZA FOOD STUDIO Master classes suggestions

From previous masterclasses


This is themed around everyday family-style dishes. Enhance your daily cooking with a no-nonsense approach, hone your skills, and get a better day-to-day experience with creating your family meals. Great for beginners and groups looking for a good reason to eat and drink.

Food studio experience 

You will get an insight into the world of haute cuisine, and how we work creatively with seasons and designs. This is where we show you the latest trends in contemporary cooking and advanced kitchen technics. 


From the classic rice dishes to the more innovative styles, we light the fire under the pan to show you how to make one of the most iconic dishes from the Spanish Mediterranean.


Boris Buono’s Italian heritage means we have always seen making pasta by hand as an art form. We’ll teach you how to prepare, fill, and roll pasta with the finest ingredients and then pair it with fine Italian wines.

For Vegetarian & Vegans

Boris is an esteemed natural cooking expert. Creating delectable plant-based dishes with local ingredients is his passion. Expand the possibilities in your cooking by learning about little-known globally-sourced practices, the curative qualities of produce, and recently developed techniques. We lift the lid on fermentations and the latest innovations.


We take you places

Market Tours
Learn how to identify the best produce at Ibiza’s food markets. By showing you the in-and-outs of local food folklore, you’ll feel confident when purchasing and planning for family meals in the future. 

Farm Tours
Come with us and experience some of Ibiza’s most dedicated organic farmers. Connect with the land in the place and with the people that produce your food. 

Seasonal Foraging with Boris
During the off-season the island becomes a treasure trove of natural ingredients ripe for the picking. We show you how to spot the best naturally-sourced materials while also learning how to harness ingredients in sustainable and respectful ways.

Join our masterclass

Enhance your daily cooking with a no-nonsense approach, hone your skills, and get a better day-to-day experience with creating your family meals.

Hire a private chef?
We come to you when you feel like staying in

"As a father and chef, I understand the value of having a chef in the house. Families want to spend time on experiences rather than cooking" 
Boris Buono

Our chef team consists of specially selected chefs from all over the world. With different nationalities, we naturally cover several food cultures. This means that you specifically get to select the right chef based on your needs. Our team is trained to do its work professionally and the most important thing with us is that we are social and are willing to become a natural part of daily life of the family or at the event among the guests. We are always smiling and ready to tell about our concept and about our food.

"This secret den of culinary brilliance is the brainchild of Boris Buono whose noteworthy CV credentials include Noma, the restaurant voted Best in the World time and time again…need I say more?

Simple yet ingenious concept – thoughtful Michelin standard food served under your best friend's roof"

Tess Prince

Private chef

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