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Authentic, island-sourced, thought-provoking culinary experiences 

Ibiza food studio - Team

Revealing the
true soul of food

Ibiza Food Studio is more than just a fine dining restaurant. It's an incubator for ideas, a living school where skills are learned and taught, and a showcase for artists to freely create with no restraints.


We strive to create a space that celebrates the art of cooking, where chefs and the public can share their passion, explore their creativity, and craft thought-provoking, authentic dishes to change the perception of kitchen and dining:  "Not just consuming - but sharing".


At Ibiza Food Studio, we come together to create unique experiences through the power of food. Our offerings range from bohemian fine dining to masterclasses and pop-up events, all while believing that nourishment comes from more than just nutrients.


Join us for an unforgettable food journey!

Boris Buono


IBIZA FOOD STUDIO - restaurants

One culinary movement
Different setups

Bistro Mondo

Bistro Food

World food with a twist. Soak in the chilled vibes of our hidden garden bistro tucked in the ibizencan village of San Joan.

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The secret den of culinary genius. À carte or thought provoquing experience menus, in the heart of Ibiza's Dalt Vila.


Pop-up & Catering

Authentic and thought provoquing bohemian fine dining. A carte or refined experience menus, in your chosen venues.

Join us for memorable dining

Authentic, island-sourced & thought provoking dining experiences.



Chef for a day?
Join our masterclasses


We’ll teach you how to enjoy cooking more.

Through our masterclasses led by Boris Buono, we expand on the basics and immerse into the tricks and skills learned from a lifetime in the kitchen.


From menu design to know how to shop well, we cover the spectrum of planning, preparation, and execution. All under our ethos of using local, sustainable, and organic produce.


We will teach you how to cook from farm to table, seasonality, and how you translate that into your day-to-day home kitchen. 


We offer two different levels of masterclasses, with different design schemes.

IBIZA FOOD STUDIO - Masterclasses
Reserve online

Join us for a memorable meal

Authentic, island-sourced & thought-provoking dining experiences.
"This secret den of culinary brilliance is the brainchild of Boris Buono whose noteworthy CV credentials include Noma, the restaurant voted Best in the World time and time again…need I say more?

Simple yet ingenious concept – thoughtful Michelin standard food served under your best friend's roof"

Tess Prince

Private chef

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